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Church Website Welcome Message Example

Looking for a church website welcome message example? We plan to give you a few of those, but first, we’d like to discuss the importance of having a welcome message on your church website. Why a Church Website Welcome Message? Is it Needed? You might be thinking that a welcome message is not all that…

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Small Church Websites Help Churches Grow – True or False?

Does the church website play a role in a church’s numerical growth?  Are small church websites different than large church websites?  The answers to these questions need to be understood and considered when your church is deciding to update the current church website or having one built for the first time.  We have been designing…

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Benefits of a Website

You may be asking the question “what are the benefits of a website and does our church need one?”  Can you function without it? Certainly! Is there a cost? Yes, but there is to most things that prove worthwhile. Today, most people are finding churches online, so if your church is not there, you may…

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