Feature Post

The Web Design Process – How to Make it Run Smoothly

web design meeting

When some people think about the web design process, they get nervous. Questions form in their mind like “will I understand what the web designers are talking about?” or “how long is this process going to take?” You might have an awesome church or ministry but have no idea how to get a website created…

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Church Website Content


Have you ever heard the expression “content is king?” Whether you think that is true or not, valuable and up-to-date church website content is extremely important. People come to your website looking for a couple of things. First, relevant information! Secondly, new visitors want to get an idea of who your church is and what…

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Benefits of a Website

You may be asking the question “what are the benefits of a website and does our church need one?”  Can you function without it? Certainly! Is there a cost? Yes, but there is to most things that prove worthwhile. Today, most people are finding churches online, so if your church is not there, you may…

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