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About DL Church Websites

Offering exceptional service at affordable prices.

Owners - Dan and Laurie NeumannThe Owners

We're Dan and Laurie Neumann and live in Rochester, NY. We started DL Church Websites, LLC in 2013, to give churches the opportunity to have an attractive online presence at an affordable price. In our opinion, church website design should be a fun and exciting process! We guide you through the process, making it simple and easy.

How We Got Started

Dan has been building websites professionally since 2009. He is the technical guru of our company and loves to figure things out and provide solutions to people. He worked as an engineer for many years, so this fits in with his giftings and skills.

Laurie has run online businesses since 2005. Before that, she homeschooled their children for ten years. She has also been interested in design (loves interior design and making things look good!) and has been able to use that interest and talent in working on the designing of their websites.

Combining Our Interests

We have come together and formed DL Church Websites, LLC, which is an affordable solution for churches to have an online presence. It has been such a blessing to be able to work together on this! We also get work with many great people that we meet in the process.

It is our goal to create websites that are attractive and effective in meeting the goals of each client we work with. We have been specializing in church web design since 2013, and have gained a great amount of knowledge in what information churches need to have on their website. We have also learned the best way to display that information.

We believe in offering excellent customer service, and we work with our clients to meet their needs and offer them solutions in a timely manner. We are very responsive!

It would be our privilege to work with your church!


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