Your Church Event Calendar


Your online calendar is where you can put all the events going on at your church.  You may want to include things like:

  • Sunday services
  • Small groups
  • Weekly Bible studies
  • Prayer meetings
  • Outreach opportunities
  • Any other special events

Your church calendar can serve two purposes.  First, visitors can see at a quick glance everything that is going on and decide if there is something they want to attend.  People tend to like to have a choice of events they can attend, and seeing it all in one place is helpful.  And they also want to know that your church is active and has lots of opportunities to offer. A calendar can give them that information right away.

Secondly, your members and regular attenders can go to the calendar and check for for times, location and other information they need. It’s a handy reference for them. They may have misplaced their bulletin or be online anyway, and if you have a calendar on your website, it makes it easy for them to stay connected.

With the online calendar we will use when we design your website, you can fill in the name of the event, the time, the location, a short description of the event, and even give a link to a page where you can give more information. It’s easy to use – you literally just click the date and fill in the appropriate information in the window that comes up.  That’s it! You can fill in a month or all year if you like. And there is a “repeat feature” so that if an event repeats itself every week or every month, you can set it up automatically to show up at the appropriate time.

In today’s world, everyone is busy. It’s important to help people  find what they need quickly and easily. Your calendar will do just that.


By Laurie Neumann




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