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wordpress church websites

Why do we use WordPress to build our church websites?  WordPress church websites are not only affordable, but reliable and easy to maintain and update. There are many options out there for a CMS (content management system) today. A CMS is a website framework that allows you to add or edit your content (content can refer to written text, videos, audios and graphics.) So, in simple terms, WordPress is what we use, not only to build your website, but as a program you can use to update and maintain your website. DL Church Websites is built on WordPress and we love it.

Easy to Maintain

We know that churches are busy places and things are always changing. They have new events happening all the time, new sermons to present, new pictures to share and more. So, they need an easy way to be able to manage their website. WordPress allows you to upload new content, sermon audios or videos and pictures quickly. A good website is one that has fresh information and pictures, so you’ll want to keep yours updated. You shouldn’t have to struggle or hire a full-time web designer to do this. WordPress is your answer! We like it because even those who are not internet savvy can use it. When we build your church a website, we also train you on how to maintain it. We’ll make sure you’re comfortable with what you need to do to have an updated website that keeps bringing people back to it. So, in summary, WordPress church websites are easy to maintain!


Churches are also concerned with affordability, and rightly so. WordPress is a free content management system which allows us to keep our prices down. We don’t have to pass on charges to you for an expensive system, so we are able to charge you only for our time and other tools we use on your website.

Continually Improving

WordPress is updated and improved by professional web developers on a regular basis.

WordPress Plugins Available

There are thousands of WordPress plugins, which are pieces of code created with the purpose of expanding the functionalities of WordPress. (definition taken from http://www.dailyblogtips.com/the-bloggers-glossary/) What does this mean for you? We can pretty much do whatever you need! In addition to plugins, we also use other resources that integrate well with WordPress.

WordPress is basically the “industry standard” so it’s a great platform to use for your website and blog – affordable, easy to use and maintain, and secure. It just makes sense.


WordPress is a mature content management system. It has been around for ten years and is very versatile, stable and secure.  In fact, it’s used by 19% of the websites worldwide, including The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Ford, Ben & Jerry’s, NASA, CNN, GE, eBay, Mozilla and many more. (information taken from lorelle.wordpress.com/2012/03/29/wordpress-stats-and-numbers-breaking-their-own-records) It’s especially a great platform for churches because, as I previously mentioned, it’s easy to update and maintain.

WordPress is our choice for building church websites, and we are confident you will be happy with it.





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