Who is DL Church Websites?

DL Church Websites

We’re glad you asked! Since this is our first blog post here, we thought this would be an appropriate question to address. DL Church Websites is run by a husband and wife team who have combined their skills to bring you a web design service you can trust.

Dan (the “D” in our business name) has designed websites for several years, mainly in the small business arena. He took over our church website several years ago and has created a modern state of the art church website and currently maintains it.  During this time he has immersed himself in the latest technology available to help churches spread the gospel and keep their congregation connected.  He wants you to be happy with the end result and will willingly work with you toward that goal.  As one happy customer said:

Dear Laurie and Dan.

It has a been a pleasure working with the two of you. You are most definitely God sent!  Your honesty, professionalism and creativity that you displayed in working with our GBT site is superb. You were quick on answering my calls and always sent an email to ensure this is what we wanted.  Being long distance had me nervous until you both picked up the phone. From the onset, I knew that God had sent you our way and the evidence is in the work.  The site is exactly what we wanted. I loved how we were able to do this collaboratively.  To me you are not just business partners; but I am proud to call you friends.

Your friend from Canada,

Laurie (the “L” part of our name) has worked online for many years, and she is our “local search consultant” meaning that she can help get your site ranked so it comes up when someone does a local search for area churches. She also is our office manager who provides excellent customer service and will make sure you are well taken care of.

We also work with graphic artists for our custom graphics and some of the top services available for software and hosting technology.  We are constantly keeping our eyes out for people and services that can help us put together the highest quality package for the most affordable price.

Dan and Laurie want to help you expand God’s kingdom by giving you an online presence that will attract visitors and make it clear to them what you’re all about. They speak in layman’s terms, so you don’t have to worry about getting lost in a sea of computereze.

DL Church Websites is an affordable option for your church to have its own custom website that will invite visitors and help keep your congregation connected.  We hope to hear from you!


By Laurie Neumann



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