Well Designed Websites for Churches

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What makes a well designed website? Well, first, I’ll tell you what doesn’t work. I was just online looking for blender reviews. Our blender gave up this week, and it’s something we use everyday for smoothies and other things. So, we need another one soon! We want to get a good one – yes, price is a consideration, but with the amount of use it gets, we need a more heavy duty one. So, I went looking to find out what the top rated blenders were.

What did I get? Frustrated! On one site, I had to sign up to see the information (which I didn’t bother to do – I went on to the next site.) On other sites, I got into pages that gave me general information, but not any actual reviews or ratings for the top blenders. As I went down the list on my search, I did finally find some sites that rated the top blenders, but it took a while.

What’s my point? You want your website to quickly and clearly give people the information they come looking for. This is especially true for first time visitors, who are mainly looking for where your church is located, the times of your services, and what they can expect when they come. This information should be front and center (on the homepage) or clearly linked to the information from the homepage.

Well designed websites are ones that are not cluttered. They are attractive yet simple. Graphics are very big today but those graphics need to tell what page the person is going to when they click on them. Otherwise, they are just nice pictures, and that isn’t very effective.

If someone comes to your website and is confused, overwhelmed, or just can’t find easily what they want, they will leave just like I did when I was looking for blender reviews.  You might only get a few seconds to catch someone’s attention and encourage them to take the action you want them to, which might include:

  • visiting your church
  • completing an online registration
  • leaving a prayer request
  • making an online donation

If these things aren’t clear, you have lost them. We have done a lot of studying church websites and how they should be designed, and we offer you that expertise and knowledge when you work with us! You can contact us to design your church’s website at 800-615-8606 or by email at info@dlchurchwebsites.com


By Laurie Neumann

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