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Let’s talk today about selecting web design colors for your new website. We have worked with churches who tell us to just choose some colors for them. On the one hand, it’s nice because we can put colors together as we like! On the other hand, there’s no starting point, and we really aren’t sure what their preferences are going to be.

So, when we are choosing colors, we do a couple of things.

Where to Begin

First we look at the logo (if they have one) and either take some coloring from it, or choose colors that go nicely with it. We never want to have colors that clash.

Secondly, we think about what kind of feel the church wants the website to have, for example, friendly, exciting, inviting, etc.? Then we pick colors that go with that feeling.

For some inspiration on what feelings colors create, check out the information at http://www.creativebloq.com/web-design/12-colours-and-emotions-they-evoke-61515112 or http://www.color-wheel-pro.com/color-meaning.html – there’s a nice chart there that gives the information in a very concise way.

Color Selection Tools

Adobe Color

We like to look at the Adobe Color tool. It is a collection of colors schemes their site users have put together. It’s nice because it kind of breaks out of the standard combinations and offers something a little more unique. You can find it at color.adobe.com

You can choose a color scheme that is provided or create your own by putting in a hex #. Then Adobe will give you different choices, using the analogous, triad, monochromatic, complementary,  compound, or shades scheme.


Another tool we use is found at palleton.com – You can input a color hex # and get different schemes also – shades, monochromatic, triad, tetrad and adjacent. It gives you lots of ideas.

Google Searches

You can also do google searches for a particular color theme, such as earth tones, or muted color schemes, vibrant colors, etc.

There’s many color tools out there. We have mentioned the ones we use the most. We hope it gives you some help when you are trying to choose colors for your next website update.



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