Using Your Church Website to Further God’s Kingdom


What’ the purpose of your church website? Do you have a website because everyone else does and you’ve heard that it’s a must in today’s world? A website has so much potential, but only if you’re using it intentionally and keeping it updated. Sometimes, a church will get a website and it looks nice and fresh; however after six months go by, the same information is there, with outdated events and graphics. So, essentially the website is not doing anything. Don’t make that mistake!

Your church website has the opportunity to share the gospel with people who may never visit a church. Are you taking advantage of that? Many church websites include a section on salvation, explaining what it means and how to have it. Others share testimonials and stories from some of their members, telling how they came to salvation and what it has meant in their life. That’s powerful! The pastor may have preached on salvation and the sermon audio or video is made available on the site.  Or maybe he has written a series and posted it on the church blog. These are all very doable ways to share the good news.

How else can you use your website to further God’s kingdom? You can include information on your ministries that help someone to grow in God – Bible studies, prayer meetings, or groups that are focused on specific needs. Once people make the step to invite Christ into their life, that is only the beginning. They will need help and encouragement in growing into all God wants them to be. You may offer those opportunities and a website is a great place to make it known.

Do you offer outreach opportunities? Again, tell about it on the website. Some people would love to get involved in reaching out to others, but they don’t know how. And we all know, when we reach out, it helps us just as much as it helps those we are reaching out to.

A website should not just be a calendar of events or a gallery of pictures, although those are great things to have on a site. Think beyond the technical aspect and envision all it can accomplish.  A website should be well-thought out and planned, so that you are using it in the best way possible. And sharing God’s love and the way to salvation, plus ways to grow and serve are all ways you can use your website to  further God’s kingdom. Today, you have a powerful resource (the internet) to reach those who need what you have. Don’t keep it a secret – share it!


By Laurie Neumann

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