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If you are wondering if you should include staff profiles on your website, the answer is a resounding YES! In our research, the staff profiles page was one of the most looked at pages of church websites.  Knowing this can help us conclude that people want to know about the staff/leaders of the church before they make a decision on whether to visit or not.

The people who run the church play a huge role in its atmosphere.  They are making daily decisions which can affect the future of the church, and it’s important to know who they are and what qualifications they bring.

Your staff profiles may include:

  • The pastor
  • The elders
  • Youth pastors/leaders
  • Office staff

You can decide how many people’s profiles you want to show on the site. At the very least, write about the pastor, assistant pastors and youth pastors.

What Information To Include

Although this is somewhat a personal choice,  some important information to include is how long the pastor has been at the church and his background.  You can write about where he grew up,  his educational background and previous work experience. I think it’s also good to tell a little about his personal life. Potential visitors will want to know if he is married and for how long.  You can tell about his children and what some of his other interests are.  People not only want to know that he is a responsible man of God, but they want to know what he’s like in his “off times” as well.  This shouldn’t get too personal; just enough to give a glimpse into his life.

You can follow this pattern for the other profiles also, but they don’t need to be in as much depth as the pastor’s.  You can talk about how long they have attended the church and how long they have been in a pastoral/leadership role.  Also, give a peek into their family life.

Don’t write a profile like a resume. It should be more conversational in nature. Professional with a personal touch is a good rule to go by.

Staff profiles are important to have on your website, so take some time in writing them. It’s a good idea to include a photo of each person. That way, when someone visits your church, they feel like they already know some of the leadership, and that helps them feel more at home.

When we design your website, we will include a great way to display your staff profiles. You can see an example of this at

By Laurie Neumann

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