Prayer Requests Online – Yes or No?


Something that is a bit “controversial” today is taking prayer requests online. When setting up a church website, the church has to decide whether or not they want to allow prayer requests to be shared. Let’s look at why there is some disagreement over this.

Not Everyone Needs to Know

Some people are very private and don’t want their requests out there visible to everyone. Very understandable.  However, a good prayer request system will allow for the ability to make a request either public or private.  If marked as private, the request should only go to the person in charge of that ministry. However, with all the privacy issues today, you will have to decide if this is a responsibility you want to take on or not.


I think a big plus for taking prayer requests online is that many systems keep track of how many are praying for the request, and some then will send an email to the person with the prayer need to let them know how many have been praying for them. It is a form of encouragement that could help them know God is hearing their prayers and knows their needs.


Sharing prayer requests and praying for each other is a way to build community within your congregation. Many times, we only see and hear from each other on Sundays, and there is a disconnect throughout the week. Having the ability to share prayer requests with each other on a church website can encourage closeness and community.

A Way To Draw in the Unchurched

Many people don’t have a home church, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have needs or don’t desire prayer. Having a way for them to seek out others to pray for them may be the first step in them actually coming to visit your church, especially if they get a report back that many have been praying for them that they don’t even know.

Galatians 6:2 tells us to “Bear one another’s burdens…” and praying for each other is one way we can do that. We hopefully will go on to practically help in any way we can also.

So, where do you stand as far as taking prayer requests online? Yes or No?

There is also another resource that we offer that there may be some difference of opinion about. You can read about it at online giving for churches. This is quickly becoming a very popular option.

By Laurie Neumann

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