Our Site Redesign

church website design

We very recently redesigned our website. We find that we can get busy designing church websites and kind of neglect our own. So, we had a little time and thought we’d give ours a makeover.

Updated Pages and Pricing Options

We have redone all of our pages and given them a new updated look. We also looked at our pricing structure, and made some changes to that. We wanted to be affordable to churches that may be very small or just starting out, and can’t quite afford the $700. So, now you can get a basic website that will get your church online and allow others to find you for only $300! That’s quite a deal, if we do say so ourselves:-) There will be no reduction in quality, only fewer pages and features. You can always update it or add to it once you are more established.

We also offer three more pricing options, making it easier for you to understand exactly what you will get for the price.

New Video

We included a video on the homepage, addressing the question “Where is your community on Sunday mornings?” If you are not online, they may not even realize that your church is there or what it’s all about. Yes, they can drive by and see the building, but many won’t bother to stop in or call to find out more information. But if they can access your church online and find out about it, they may be more likely to visit in person. That’s one important reason to have an awesome online presence.

We hope you’ll take a look through our site and see what we have done. What do you think? Comments and suggestions are welcome below!


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