Online Giving for Churches


Let’s talk today about churches and online giving.  This is a feature many churches are interested in, but not all have it available on their website. That’s probably due to the time it takes to research how to add this to a site or they just don’t know where to look for a quality resource.

Why Online Giving?

This is important for a few reasons. First, churches may suffer low amounts of giving, especially during the summer months, when people are away. How many times does someone on vacation think about sending in their weekly tithe to church? If you do, great! But many don’t and that forces churches to have to function on a rather lean budget at those times.

Not only is it important for churches, but it’s a way to help individuals stay consistent in their giving efforts. You know how habits are hard to break and also hard to instill? Well, when someone is trying to give more consistently, and they walk out of church with their check still in their pocket, it can discourage the “giving habit” from becoming a reality. If when they got home, they realized they still had their money, and they could go online and give, it could encourage a lifelong pattern of giving and blessing others.

There may be shut-ins or college students who live away from the area who would like to continue to contribute to the church. This is a way they can feel they are still a part of things and help out in a practical way.

Lastly, there may be some who don’t have a regular church they attend, but would like to contribute to further God’s kingdom. Having this available would allow them to participate in that.

How Is It Done?

It’s not as complicaed as you might think.  When we build your website, we offer an option for online giving.  Your church will not need to pay monthly for any service to have this happen.  Want to see a live preview of this? Click here.

Online giving is definitely something churches should consider. It is becoming a popular option to add today as churches are having websites built.


By Laurie Neumann

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