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Every church website should have a ministries page. This lets visitors know what you can offer them. Most people that come to a church are looking for something – to grow in their relationship with God, help with their marriage, parenting support, etc. It’s best to present all of your ministries in one place on the website so they can browse through and see what you can help them with.

What to List on Ministries Page

List of Ministries

First of all, list your ministries! Ok, that goes without saying, but we want to be clear. Do you have groups that meet specific needs? Here are some that we have seen.

  • Bible studies
  • Home groups
  • Youth groups
  • Womens ministry
  • Mens ministry
  • Young adult groups
  • Senior/empty nest fellowship
  • Prayer groups
  • Addiction support groups
  • Divorce support groups
  • Stephen ministry
  • Young families group

I’m sure there are more, but these are the most common. So, besides listing the ministry, what else should you include?


Tell about what a typical session looks like. Are you studying a particular book or a book of the Bible? A topic? Give “teaser” information that will spark someone’s interest. Do you provide childcare? What are the times and days you meet? Give enough information to help someone decide if this a potential group for them.


Show some pictures from the group. They might portray a typical meeting or a special event you held. Either way, people want to see who else comes the group and if they appear welcoming. Pictures will help with that.

Here’s our own church’s ministry page. You can click on the image to go and see the whole page.

ministries page screenshot

A ministries page is very important to include on your church website. Not only does it show that your church is alive and active, it tells the help you can offer to people who need it.

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