Is Your Church’s Website Ready for the Easter Crowd?


We all know that Easter is one of the days where church attendance is the highest. With that in mind, it makes sense that you will have some new visitors to your website, and potential new visitors to your church. Is your website ready?

Make Sure It’s Current

Is your website current, or will visitors find events from last month (or last year?) Don’t let this happen. If someone comes to your website, they want to see what’s going on and if your church is active. If all they see are sermons from 2014 or earlier and an events list that is outdated, do you think they will choose to visit the church? Most likely, no.

Here’s some things you can do to give your website a quick refresh:

  • Upload your most recent sermons
  • Update the events calendar for March and April
  • Add some new photos
  • Add a graphic to the slider area (on the homepage) that includes your Easter service information
  • If your website is “outdated”, you can still get a new one up before Easter (be sure to act now!) Contact us!

Important Information Should be Easy to Find

What’s a new visitor going to be looking for when they visit your website prior to Easter? First, they’ll want to know what times your services are and where your church is located. Make sure this information is right on the homepage or at least have a link to it from the homepage. You may want to consider having a graphic made up to include in the slider area that displays this as well.

Have your contact information easy to locate. Someone may want to ask a question about the service, dress, etc., so put it in a place where they’ll see it. A link to your contact page on the navigation bar is helpful

Do you have a “new here” page that answers questions a newcomer may have? Some topics to cover:

  • Dress
  • Length of service
  • Style of worship
  • Parking
  • Kids programs

Remember, you have looked at your website many times, so you know where to find everything. But to a new visitor, it’s not so obvious. Make it very easy to find what they need to know.

Take some time to get your website in shape before Easter. Be ready and welcome your visitors, not only to your church, but to their first impression of your church – your website.


By Laurie Neumann
DL Church Websites, LLC


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