How To Write a Good Blog – A Recipe for Success


It’s no secret that blogs have become very popular, but you may be wondering where to start. I’ll share some tips on how to write a good blog below.

If You Write It, Will They Read it?

First off, if you write a blog, you want people to read it. That has become very challenging as there is so much online to read and only so much time in anyone’s day. And blogs seem like a dime a dozen. So, how do you write one that will get read? Here’s a “recipe” to help you write a blog that others will want to read and keep up with.

  1. “Begin” with an eye-catching title. Then lead them into the first paragraph where you offer some interesting thoughts that will make them want to keep reading.
    People look for blogs that will hold their interest and tell them something they can’t read everywhere else. For a church, that may mean sharing some tidbits from a great sermon or telling about an event that just happened, including pictures. Make sure you get their attention quickly. If you don’t, they’ll leave without finishing your post.
  2. “Add” in some Graphics.
    They are of the utmost importance today. People expect visually appealing content today, so be sure to include some graphics that relate to the topic of your post. On our church’s facebook page, the posts that include pictures get many more likes than the ones that don’t. Now, don’t get nervous – you don’t have to be a graphic artist to write a good blog. There are many stock photo sites (like and Stock photos are good in a pinch, but people would rather see photos of actual people at your church and events that take place. Just be sure you have permission to put people’s pictures on the web if you go that route.
  3. “Mix it up” with some different kinds of posts.
    A church can share about upcoming events or ones that just happened, sermon previews/summaries, devotionals, local community events, etc. A variety of posts keeps their interest.Blog Read our church blogs post for more topic ideas.
  4. “Stir” in some “engagement.
    The goal of a blog is to engage your readers by asking them questions and inviting comments. Don’t get discouraged if this doesn’t happen right away – many read blogs and don’t leave comments, it’s just the nature of a blog. But make it a “two-way conversation” where you offer some information and then ask them for their thoughts.
  5. “Put it all together” with some consistency.
    Write a new blog post every week if possible. If you write sporadically, people will lose interest and go on to another blog that is more regularly written. Just think about trying to build momentum at your church for a new project or event. If you mention it once, then again a couple months later, it’s not going to get your congregation involved or interested. It’s the same with a blog. Write consistently – it doesn’t have to be real long – but keep in touch with your readers.

Make It Easy for Readers to Stay Connected

It’s a good idea to include a way for people to get email updates when you publish a new blog post. That way, you stay in front of them.  You can do this by having an RSS feed or including an email signup box. You’ll want to signup with an email service that can automatically let your list know when you publish a new post. Don’t let them forget about you or your church!


By Laurie Neumann
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