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Is your church wanting to create some great social media posts? While social media has opened up the possibility of reaching a larger audience on a moment’s notice, it has also presented a challenge. Now, churches have the added responsibility of posting on facebook and other social media platforms, which means coming up with some great ideas of things to say, along with finding the time to say them. 🙂 

There is also the problem that you might feel your posts are boring. As you scroll down any feed page, you see it laden with lovely graphics and interesting content. How can you do the same?

Some Solutions to Great Facebook Posts

One solution is having good tools to use to help you in the process of creating eye-catching graphics. I found a resource this week and have been having a lot of fun using it. It’s so easy, and the results are really good. You can create some great graphics and video without a lot of “creative know-how.”

The resource is from Adobe and it’s free! You can find it at

I’ll share with you a video I just created yesterday. Not bad for a few minutes time.


Get Some Help with Posting

It might be unrealistic for a pastor or other leader to take on the job of writing social media posts regularly. But this might be a good way for some of the young people or retirees in the congregation to get more involved and at the same time, be a real help to the church. They may have more time on their hands than you do.

If you do enlist the help of others in writing posts, be sure they are people who will represent the values of your church and faith accurately. You don’t want to open your church’s facebook page up to everyone and anyone, because things may get posted that you wouldn’t want.

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