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Did you know that many people are finding their church online today? We’ve had several people at our church find us online and then visit in person. And it’s likely that this will become more common as we go on. Why does it matter?

A Church Website is Important

I think that we can see that it is important for a church to have a website and not only a website, but an attractive, effective one that is up-to-date.

People have come to expect that an organization has a website today. If your church doesn’t have one, you may be missing out on potential new visitors and members.

Are Sermons Uploaded Each Week?

Listening to sermons is one of the reasons people come to a church website. That being said, it’s essential that you are uploading new sermons to your site each week. If you have people’s attention, don’t give it away by sending them somewhere else. If they visit and see nothing new, they’ll move on to another website.

This is a wonderful opportunity to reach more people with your messages, whether they be people in your community or around the world. Those who are away on vacation and shut-ins can also continue to hear sermons. Keep them current!

Are Your Events Current?



Those who are looking for a church will want to find one that has things to offer, such as events and ministries. If they come to your website and see events from last month (or before) it will give the impression there’s not a lot going on.

Some churches upload their events for the whole month, while others update their site on a weekly basis. Whichever way, be sure it’s current.

Have a Gallery

People LOVE  to look at pictures, so having a gallery is a great feature to have on your website. You can include pictures from past events, special services, etc. Just be sure that you have the permission of the people who are featured in the pictures, and again, continue to update them.

Give Prime Space to Important Information

What details are your website visitors looking for? Besides the information we’ve already mentioned, there are a couple of details that you will want to highlight.

Times and Location

Location and service times should be included on the homepage, or at least there should be an easy to see link from the homepage to the information. Don’t ever make someone “hunt” for those details because they won’t. 🙂 They’ll leave and go elsewhere.

Contact Info

Include a link to a contact page in your main navigation. On that page, include your phone number, email address, and physical address. You might also want to have a contact form someone can fill out.

With the number of people searching online for a church today, be a good steward of the tools you have. A website is one of the tools available with a lot of potential.


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