Effective Church Web Design


There are a lot of people who can do attractive web design these days, but it takes more than a nice looking website to do what you want it to. What are your goals for your church’s website? Most likely, you want to attract new visitors to your church, and you want a place for your members to gain access to information they need easily and quickly. Does your web presence accomplish those things? If not, read on. Here are some things we have found, through our study of what makes good web design for a church, to be essential.

Good Navigation

Have you ever visited a website and didn’t know how to get the information you came looking for? I think we all have had that experience. What did you do? If you’re like me, you probably left it and went on to another.

When someone comes to your church’s website, you want to make it easy for them to find the information they need, whether that be where the church is located, when the service times are, or what’s going on that particular week.  Having this readily available and seen means a well-designed homepage and navigation system.

Real Graphics

The web offers lots of stock photos  that can be great fill-ins if needed, but what your visitors really want to see are people in your congregation.  This adds such a personal touch to the visitor’s experience that it cannot be overlooked.

Most churches will have someone who enjoys taking pictures, and today, most people have a camera handy on their cell phone. Enlist the help of a few people to take pictures at some of your events and during a service.  Then include them on your website. You can put them on appropriate pages or have a picture gallery included on the site.

Attractive Websites

You know the saying “you can’t judge a book by its cover?” Well, the truth is that many people will judge your church by your website, and the design of your site may greatly affect their decision of whether to visit in person or not.

Every church has its own “personality” and so does each website. Churches will want to portray a warm and caring environment, as well as showing they are active and involved in the community and congregation.

Make the investment to have a professional website created with an attractive design. It’s becoming more and more important to the future growth of churches.

Updated Information

If someone comes to your website and finds outdated information, they will most likely leave and continue on their journey of looking for another church to visit. It’s essential that your church website stay fresh and current, which can be accomplished by keeping the event calendar up-to-date, the pictures fresh and current, and publishing regular blog posts.

Your content should be engaging and catch the reader’s interest. Don’t just list off a bunch of ministries, but tell something about each one. Share a story that happened at one of your events that your readers can relate to. These are all ways to connect with people and encourage them to come and visit you in person.

Be Found

Last, but not least, can people find you on the web?  If you don’t show up when a search is done for your type of church, no one will know about you. When choosing a web designer, make sure they are familiar with local search and how to get your church ranked. See more information on this topic at seo for churches.

This is a quick overview of some of the ways to make the design of your website work for your church. It will be worth the investment.


By Laurie Neumann






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