Don’t Lose Your Focus


I was inspired to write this post after I heard a sermon at our church on worship. My heart resonated with what the guest speaker was saying, which was, in short, that worship should never be about the musicians or songs, but needs to keep the focus on God – the One we are worshiping. In an age where music and those performing it are idolized, we can get caught up in that, even in our churches. Those leading us in worship need to have the right heart and spirit – that is so important – they should be leading us closer to God and helping us to fix our eyes on Him.

That got my husband and I to thinking about what we do. We are in a time when technology is ruling. Basically, if you’re not on the web in multiple places, your church stands to suffer.  You need a website, and you need to be on Facebook, Twitter and a whole host of other places.

A Sign of the Times

Now, we do web design, and yes, we believe it is important for a church to be online. It is a sign of the times, but it’s the times that we’re living in. The truth is that the web is where people go to find churches today. It’s where they hear about the events your church is having and the sermons that you have preached. And, it might be where they hear the message of salvation. We should be using the web to our advantage.

A Website is a Tool

We want to be careful though, not to get too carried away with the idea that the web is where it’s at. If the website, social media or anything besides God becomes your priority, you’ll get in trouble. A website is a tool to help others  find you and lets them know what your church is about.  But always remember that God and people are the focus.  Again, the web is a tool – not the “end all.” [pullquote]Again, the web is a tool – not the “end all.” [/pullquote]

Your church should have a beautiful website – you want to make a great first impression. But instead of trying to “wow” someone with flashing pictures and the latest media resources, be sure your message is the priority. You want a website that brings glory to God – it’s that simple.

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