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I have heard the same response several times when I ask a church about their website.  What’s the response? “We have someone in the congregation who does that” (meaning they design the church website.)  And in many instances, there is someone who can design a nice website. So why do you need us? We’re glad you asked!

We Do This Exclusively

A church has its own specific set of needs for a website – things like having the ability to put their sermons online (either in audio or video format), being able to take offerings/donations online, and a calendar to show all of their upcoming events.  There are many other features also but I wanted to highlight just a few. We only design church websites, so we have done a LOT of research into what features churches need. We have found ones that are easy to use and affordable – two things very important to most churches.  We devote a lot of time to this – time which most people don’t have if they don’t do this for a living. You’re not only hiring us to create a unique design for your website, but also for the knowledge we have acquired.

We have been been designing websites professionally since 2009 and have designed and maintained our own church website since 2010.  This has given us the experience we need to be a source of knowledge and information to the churches we work with.

Spare Time – What’s That?

Time is a big factor today for most people – meaning they never seem to have enough of it.  If someone is working a job plus is involved in some of the activities the church offers, they won’t have an abundance of time to devote to the website. Or worse yet, they may have to refrain from getting involved in other activities so they can keep the website up. As a church leader, I”m sure your first priority is the spiritual health of your congregation, and being involved in mid-week Bible studies, prayer meetings and other activities can all help someone to grow in their faith and encourage them. But it all takes TIME.

They may have very good intentions of keeping your website updated, but life happens, and good intentions don’t always materialize.

It’s true that you can get by with a website built by one of your members and you would not have to pay a monthly fee (we charge a minimal fee monthly to cover web hosting, site updates and client support.)  If you absolutely cannot afford $15 per month, then this may be the way to go for you. But many times a church can allow that much to ensure their website is taken care of and up to date.

We hope you will consider us to either build or update your website!


By Laurie Neumann

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