DIY Website – Is It Worth It?

diy websites can bring frustration

A do-it-yourself website can seem tempting, after all you can save money and that’s being a good steward, right? Everyone loves a good deal, and I am no exception. I faithfully use my coupons and wait for something to go on sale before I buy it. However, there are things I will gladly pay for to have them done for me. Like painting! Both my husband and I are not much for painting, although we have done it. But we’re usually much happier with the finished product when we hire a professional to do it. Is it worth the money? YES! It saves us time, frustration, and we are happy with the end result. Not always the case if we do it ourselves, but we’ll move on…

I think this is how it goes with a website. Can you do it yourself? Probably, either you or someone in your church can design a decent website. But what is that costing you? Let’s look a little closer.

  • Time – I’m sure, as a pastor or staff member of the church, you have other priorities, like serving the congregation, planning events, etc. Try to throw a website into the mix and it might just be too much and other things may suffer because of the time and effort that a website takes to create and maintain.
  • Professionalism – yes, a decent website is ok. But remember that, in many cases, a website is now the first impression someone has of your church. Do you want that impression to be one that’s “ok” and gets by? Or do you want someone to think “WOW! I’ve got to visit this church!”
  • An outdated website – many times, a church has someone who can design a website for them. But then, that person either leaves or gets busy in other things and the website has outdated events and other information on it. If someone visits that site, they’ll wonder if the church is even still in existence. People want to see current information on a website and know that the church is active. An outdated website will not represent that.
  • Causes frustration – whenever we try to do something that isn’t our “expertise” it opens us up to frustration. Where a web designer has resources and information at their fingertips, someone else will have to hunt for it and may not know what to do.

So, yes while a DIY website can save you some money in the short-term, it can cost you big time in the long run.

Like us hiring painters to paint the rooms in our house, you may want to consider hiring a web designer (preferably us!) to design your website. Please contact us with your questions.


By Laurie Neumann
DL Church Websites


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