Displaying Online Sermons

pastor preaching sermon

Before we get into the different ways of displaying online sermons, let’s first talk about the “why” of putting your sermons online.

Why Display Sermons on Your Website?

Get Your Message Out

Think about it. You probably work really hard on preparing a sermon to preach every Sunday, so you don’t want to preach it one time and have that be the end of it. Of course, you hope you say something that resonates with people that they will remember long after the message is preached. But that isn’t always the case. People are busy, with lots of things vying for attention in their mind. They may have gotten something out of your message when they heard it, but then they step out of church and the other things demanding their attention win out.

When your sermon is posted online, it has the potential to have a global reach. This is an opportunity you didn’t have years ago, so why not take advantage of it?

Make It Available to Those Who Missed It

Things come up in your congregation’s lives that make it hard for them to get to church every week, such as vacations, work schedules, illness, family obligations, etc. If your sermon is online, they can still listen to it when they are able to. It’s a good way to keep your congregation connected and on the same page.

Ways of Displaying Online Sermons


Many churches today record their sermons and place the audio on their website. You can also include sermon notes, if you have them, to go along with it.


Some churches are either not set up to record their sermons, or may not have anyone in the congregation who wants to take on that responsibility. Or they may just prefer to have the message in written text. Whatever the reason, this is another way to display your sermons.


Video is becoming a popular way to show your sermons. This takes a little more work as you have to have a video recorder and someone to run it. Then the videos can be uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo and embedded on your website. All in all, if you have the equipment and manpower to do it, it’s a great way to display your sermons because people can actually see the speaker and it gives more of a feeling of “being there.”

If you don’t already have your sermons on your website, consider starting to include them and let others be blessed.

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