Community Outreach – A Website Can Help

Community Outreach

Does your church focus on community outreach? If so, what methods do you use? There are many ways you can reach out to your community, and a website is one of them.

What is Community Outreach?

Outreach to a community can be done for many reasons, such as helping those who are homeless, who don’t have enough food, or need rides to medical appointments. They are all ways of trying to offer assistance to those who live in your area.

Your church might hold a yard sale for those in the community. Another common type of outreach is Vacation Bible School in the summer months or you might offer the opportunity to those outside the church to join your youth group or other ministries. These are all ways of reaching out to your community.

Use Your Website

For this post, we are going to focus on how a church can reach out to their community through their website. Why would they want to do this?

  • To bring hope and help to those in need
  • To share the Gospel with those who may not otherwise hear it
  • To let the community know the church is there and willing to help

Connect With Your Community

A website is a great way to communicate with your local community. Be sure to keep the site updated with upcoming events, sermons, and other information that would be of help. For example, if your church is planning a yard sale, along with advertising it in a local paper,  post it on the website and let others know abut it. If your church has a food pantry, put it on your site so those in the community who need food realize there are options for them.

Share Your Sermons

Your sermon messages can be uploaded in audio, video, or text format so that those who don’t attend your church yet can hear encouraging messages. And the reach here can go beyond your community to the rest of the world.

A website is a great tool if it is used and kept fresh. How is your church’s site doing?

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