Church Website Examples

We have designed some church website examples for you to take a look at. The purpose of these is to, not only show you some of our work, but to give you some inspiration for your own website.

We can certainly design a site that is very similar to any of the examples we have, or we can create a completely new unique design. We will need input from you as to what you prefer.

We have attempted to create some different looks for church websites. You don’t want to have a site that looks like every other one out there. You need to have your own identity that will set you apart. You want people to remember you and not get you confused with the church down the street or across town. Uniqueness goes a long way in accomplishing that.

Speaking of uniqueness, we create custom church websites. Once you have an idea of a look you like, let us know and we will tailor it to be “your church.” No two churches are alike, and neither should their websites be too similar.

A website should be a representation of the church itself, showcasing who they are. Every church is a little different in what it emphasizes and offers. Your website should portray this. We have varied the layouts to show you that it is possible to stand out in a similar looking group of sites.

Another way to get some inspiration is to look at other church website examples online. Take notice of what you like and don’t like. It’s also good to see whether it’s easy for you to navigate around or not. This is a very important element. Let us know the gerneral style you like and we will create a custom look for your church.

Take a look at some of layouts for church web design. Here’s a few to give you a preview. We’d love to help you with your website project!


church website examples #1


church website design19


church website examples #3

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