Church Website Design Tips

springtime and flowers

You may be wondering why we have chosen the picture we did for this post about church website design tips. What do flowers and a walkway have to do with design? A lot…read on.

What does this picture inspire in you? For me, I want to run outside and go for a walk along a beautiful pathway decorated with colorful spring flowers. After a long winter, this is particularly appealing. The picture paints an atmosphere that I want to be a part of, how about you?

Think about watching a movie trailer online. If the people putting together the trailer don’t give you interesting clips of the movie itself, you are not very likely to go see it.

Another example is a TV ad. If it doesn’t get your attention in the first few seconds, you’ll probably turn the channel. Are you Istarting to get the connection between your church’s website and the pretty picture at the top of the post?

Your church website needs to do the same thing as these examples we have talked about. You don’t have long to grab someone’s interest. I have heard it’s less than a minute, and that might be a little generous .In most cases, you won’t get a second chance to invite that person to your church. Your website should also feature the key elements of your church – possibly your ministries, sermons, leadership, etc. What makes your church unique? Does your website capture that?

Taking care of your website is sounding a little more important, isn’t it?

What’s the Goal?

When someone visits your site, you want it to entice them to come to your church, right? With every step of planning your site, you want to keep that goal in mind. Think creatively of how you can do this.

If you’re trying to attract families to your church, think about what you can highlight that will appeal to them. Things like Sunday school pictures and information, picnics, etc.

If you’re looking to add more senior aged people to your congregation, provide information they would want front and center, like a senior group meeting or luncheon that’s coming up.

Here are some tips for creating an appealing church website

An attractive design. There will always be trends in web design, and church sites are no different. Today, the modern look tends to be a full-width site with larger fonts interspersed with some great graphics. Maybe your church is more traditional and the modern kind of look doesn’t seem to “fit.” That’s no problem. We create different looks for churches – the important thing is that your website reflects the atmosphere of your church. You want to give people the right image of what they’ll find, so consider this when having your site designed.

Colors also play big role in making an attractive website. You want your colors to reflect the mood/feeling you want to encourage, such as calm, exciting, inviting, etc. You can read more at our post on web design colors.

Easy to navigate. I’m sure you have had the experience of landing on a site, excited to see what it has to offer, but you cannot find what you came looking for. What do you do? Move on to another site, right? In our fast-paced world, not many of us are patient enough to stay around very long if things aren’t clearly spelled out and easy to find. It’s vital that your website has a clear navigation. We have found out what the most popular pages are on a church website, and take great care in making sure those are easily accessible.

Make it personal. Your website should show what people will find when they come to your church. This includes having up-to-date ministries and events, as well as photos of real people (just get their permission before posting them on your site.) Stock photos can work in some circumstances, but it’s best to let your potential visitors “get to know you” before they actual come to your church.

I hope these tips will help you in creating an effective website for your church

What does your current church website inspire in people? For them to visit or to go on to another website? You may not have thought about the importance of the look and feel your website gives before, but it’s time! Your church website is more important than ever. Just like being ready to grab a light jacket and head out for a springtime walk after seeing this picture, create an online home that encourages your web visitors to visit your church next week.

By Laurie Neumann

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