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Getting more and more popular today is church live streaming. If you aren’t familiar with that term, it means online broadcasting of an event. The most common use for streaming with churches is their Sunday service. Why would you want to go to the trouble to do this?

Shut-ins and Others Can Still Participate

Those who are confined to homes, whether it being a temporary situation or a more permanent one, can still feel a part of the congregation when they can tune in and see and hear the service as it takes place. This can be such a blessing to someone who is not able to get to church.

People may be be away on vacation or away on business, but still want to connect with their church. Video streaming allows them to do that.

People who are not feeling well or parents with sick children can tune in and still take part in Sunday service.

Many churches today have audio recordings of the sermons on their website, but there’s just something about being there in real time. My husband kids me because I like to watch TV shows and movies when they are actually on. He can’t understand why I put up with having to sit through the commercials when I could record the show and fast forward through the commercials later. There’s just something about being a part of something when it’s actually happening. And with video streaming, people can also participate in the worship as well as listen to the sermon.

Reach Those Who Aren’t Coming to Church

Live video streaming can give the ability to reach those who, for whatever reason, are not attending a church.  At some point in our lives, most of us have had to walk into a new church where we don’t know anyone or what to expect. Think about how much easier it would make it if we were able to “visit” a church online first for a few weeks and get the feel for it. We can see how people dress, see and hear the pastor,  and see the building itself.  It helps to make us more comfortable when the time comes for us to actually go to the church.

Does live streaming encourage some to stay home and watch from their computer instead of coming to church? I suppose live streaming does have that potential, so it’s something that each church will have to decide on whether they want to offer it or not. The goal, of course, is not to make it easy for people not to come, but to bless those who just can’t make it there. I don’t think it will ever take the place of attending a church in person, but it can be the “next best thing.”

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By Laurie Neumann



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