Church Communications: Use Your Website

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Communications with your community and your congregation is vital if you want to be an effective church. Did you know that your website is a great tool for communicating? Today, people will check online before they will pick up a phone. Instead of going to a dictionary or phone book, they go to Google to find answers to what they want to know. It’s the age we are living in, so it makes sense to use your website to its fullest potential.

What kinds of things can a church communicate via their website?

  • Service times and changes in times – some churches have a different schedule in the summer or over a holiday. Post your service times on your website and people will get used to checking the site so they come on time.
  • Location change – a church may initially rent some space until they get established, then move to a more permanent home. Put the new location on your website. We recently had a church client in this situation, and they created an image with the new location that could be put into the slider area so that it got people’s attention.
  • Special events – get the word out via your website to the community. There may be people that don’t attend church yet, who see your website and then check back periodically to see if you have something going on that they want to come to. Highlight upcoming events so they are easily found.
  • Sermons can be included on your site, either in video, audio, or text format. Don’t let all those great messages be gone once the sermon has been shared on Sunday. Keep them on your website so they can reach those in the community or around the world.
  • Volunteer information – does your church need help in certain areas? Communicate it on your website, so your congregation is aware of what you need. If there are qualifications for certain positions, you can password protect some pages on your site.
  • Salvation message – a website is a great place to share the Gospel.  You never know who it will touch.
  • Information for new attendees. It’s a good idea to have a section on your site devoted to providing information to new visitors. Let them know how most people dress, how long the service will be, the format, the worship style, etc. Being informed can go a long way in helping someone feel comfortable when they visit in person.

Communication is so important to the health of a church, and our hope is that you will begin to use your website to share your important information. It’s not all you need to do to communicate, but it’s an awesome tool that has a lot of potential and is becoming the “go to” place that people look at.


By Laurie Neumann

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