Church Blogs – What Do I Write About?

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Does your church website include a blog? As a pastor or leader, you may argue that you don’t have enough time as it is to do everything you need to, let alone keep up a blog. But blogs are a great opportunity to share your thoughts with your congregation as well as with visitors to your site.

Here are some ideas to help you keep your blog up-to-date and fresh.


Topics To Write About

I think this is one of the main things that can keep pastors/leaders from wanting to write a blog. They have to come up with topics for a sermon and now ones for a blog too? But it’s fairly easy to incorporate one into the other. Here’s some ideas.

  • Extended thoughts about last Sunday’s sermon – this gives you a place to remind your congregation about the topic of the last sermon and give some additional thoughts. It helps keep the message alive in people’s minds and hopefully will inspire them to make changes based on it.
  • A preview of the upcoming sermon – give a “teaser” – let them know what you will be speaking on and give a “teaser” to spark their interest. This may bring some new people in along with encouraging regular attendees to make it to church that week.
  • Upcoming church events – is your church doing an outreach or holding a garage sale to benefit a particular ministry? A blog is the place to share about it and let others know what’s going on.
  • National events – what’s happening in the country/world and how does it affect the church?
  • Local events – is there a Christian musician or speaker that’s going to be in the area? Let others know.
  • Devotional message – expound on a particular favorite Scripture and invite others to leave comments sharing their thoughts on it. Interaction on a blog keeps it alive and interesting (and don’t worry – you can set it up so that you can approve comments before they are posted.)
  • Share Stories – did something happen in your life that taught you an important lesson? People love stories and a blog is the ideal place for telling them.

You don’t have to do all the writing yourself either!  Enlist the help of other staff/leaders. They each bring ideas of their own, so it cuts down on the pastor having to write it all himself.  Just be sure they will uphold the values of the church when they write. You might want them to give you the posts they write so that you can read and approve them before posting.

I hope that takes some of the intimidation out of writing a blog. It can be fun!


By Laurie Neumann

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