Simple Church Website

simple church website

Are you looking to have a simple church website without all the bells and whistles? With  a lot of features also comes a higher price tag. In this post, I’d like to talk about what you need to have in a basic church website. Simple Church Website – What to Include Clear Navigation A simple…

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Church Newsletter Basics

church newsletter in email form

Do you publish a church newsletter? Maybe you’re on the fence about it. It seems like it’s one more thing to do, but people have been asking for one. In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the advantages of writing a newsletter for your church and how to practically implement one. First,…

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Church Websites Have a Two-Fold Purpose

church websites

There are two main purposes for church websites. The first is to invite new people to come and visit your church. The second purpose is to connect your congregation and give them the information they need. We will look at each purpose more in depth. Invite New Visitors The first purpose of church websites is…

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5 Church Web Design Trends 2018

As we look at the fast approaching new year , let’s take a look at some church web design trends for 2018. It may be time to think about having your church website redesigned to keep up with the current look and trends. Here are five of the main design elements for 2018. UNCLUTTERED  The…

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How to Podcast Sermons

Man Listening to a Sermon Podcast

Sermon Podcast Basics Before we explain how to podcast sermons, we need to explain what they are.  Many people don’t realize that a sermon podcast is different than posting a sermon on their website.  When a sermon is posted to your website, people must visit your website to listen to or download the sermon.  They…

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Increase Church Attendance Using Your Website

people in church lobby

Most pastors that we work with when we create a website for their church have a common goal. They want to increase church attendance by bringing in new visitors to their church. A good website can go a long way in accomplishing this goal. Let’s look at how this can be done. It’s not good…

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Church Website Content

Laptop on Desk

Have you ever heard the expression “content is king?” Whether you think that is true or not, valuable and up-to-date church website content is extremely important. People come to your website looking for a couple of things. First, relevant information! Secondly, new visitors want to get an idea of who your church is and what…

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SSL Certificate: 3 Reasons Your Church Website Needs One

SSL Certificate - Secure Web Connection

You probably haven’t thought much about an SSL certificate and may not know what one does.  It is important, however, as a website owner, that you start to think about whether you need to add one to your church website and the following article will explain why.  The internet is changing almost by the day.…

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Church Website Welcome Message Example


Looking for a church website welcome message example? We plan to give you a few of those, but first, we’d like to discuss the importance of having a welcome message on your church website. Why a Church Website Welcome Message? Is it Needed? You might be thinking that a welcome message is not all that…

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Church Marketing Ideas and Thoughts

church marketing ideas

Let’s discuss some church marketing ideas and thoughts on it in general. First of all,  I hope the term“church marketing” doesn’t offend you.  Maybe you prefer the term “how to grow church attendance.” When you think of it, don’t the two terms mean the same thing? Yet, you may be more comfortable with the second…

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