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Church Live Streaming

Jun 12, 2013
live stream

Getting more and more popular today is church live streaming. If you aren’t familiar with that term, it means online broadcasting of an event. The most common use for streaming with churches is their Sunday service. Why would you want to go to the trouble to do this? Shut-ins and Others Can Still Participate Those…

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Do You Need Us?

Jun 1, 2013
frustrated woman

I have heard the same response several times when I ask a church about their website.  What’s the response? “We have someone in the congregation who does that” (meaning they design the church website.)  And in many instances, there is someone who can design a nice website. So why do you need us? We’re glad…

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Staff Profiles

May 29, 2013

If you are wondering if you should include staff profiles on your website, the answer is a resounding YES! In our research, the staff profiles page was one of the most looked at pages of church websites.  Knowing this can help us conclude that people want to know about the staff/leaders of the church before…

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Ways to Use Church Forms

May 15, 2013

Putting church forms on your website can be a great way to simplify things for your office staff.  They are easy to use and can greatly cut down on paperwork.  Here are some of the  more common uses of forms. Registration for events.  This is a big one.  People can register online for an upcoming…

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Your Church Event Calendar

May 8, 2013

Your online calendar is where you can put all the events going on at your church.  You may want to include things like: Sunday services Small groups Weekly Bible studies Prayer meetings Outreach opportunities Any other special events Your church calendar can serve two purposes.  First, visitors can see at a quick glance everything that…

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Why Your Church Needs a Mobile Friendly Website

May 2, 2013
mobile friendly website - picture of a cell phone

In today’s world, there is no doubt that you need a mobile friendly website.  What is that?  In simple terms, it is a website whose content can be seen well on a smaller device, such as a smartphone, tablet, etc. In other words, nothing is left out or distorted when someone is viewing it on…

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What The Best Church Websites Have In Common

Apr 22, 2013

What are the elements of the best church websites? You have probably seen sites that you would like to imitate because their message is clear, concise  and attractively presented. Then you may have seen others that do not encourage you to stay on them. What’s the difference? Good church websites start with a good design…

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Who is DL Church Websites?

Apr 16, 2013
DL Church Websites

We’re glad you asked! Since this is our first blog post here, we thought this would be an appropriate question to address. DL Church Websites is run by a husband and wife team who have combined their skills to bring you a web design service you can trust. Dan (the “D” in our business name)…

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