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Should Churches Hire Virtual Assistants?

Aug 28, 2013
virtual assistant

I’ve been thinking lately about the opportunity churches now have to hire virtual assistants, and whether this is a good option or not. So, we’ll be looking at some of the pros and cons of this in this post. But first things first. What exactly is a virtual assistant? A virtual assistant is someone who…

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Having a Vision for Your Church Website

Aug 21, 2013
having vision

As a pastor or leader in the church, I would imagine you have a vision for your church. In fact, you may have several visions – like how the church should be run, what outreach should be, what the children’s ministry should be like, etc. But have you ever thought about having a vision for…

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Using Your Church Website to Further God’s Kingdom

Aug 14, 2013

What’ the purpose of your church website? Do you have a website because everyone else does and you’ve heard that it’s a must in today’s world? A website has so much potential, but only if you’re using it intentionally and keeping it updated. Sometimes, a church will get a website and it looks nice and…

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Church Planting? Consider a Website

Aug 7, 2013
plant growing

If you are involved in church planting, the last thing on your mind might be a website. There are many other things that take precedence over getting your church online, such as a location for your church, staff, funding, what the vision will be and the list goes on and on. However, don’t underestimate the…

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Prayer Requests Online – Yes or No?

Jul 31, 2013

Something that is a bit “controversial” today is taking prayer requests online. When setting up a church website, the church has to decide whether or not they want to allow prayer requests to be shared. Let’s look at why there is some disagreement over this. Not Everyone Needs to Know Some people are very private…

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Online Giving for Churches

Jul 24, 2013

Let’s talk today about churches and online giving.  This is a feature many churches are interested in, but not all have it available on their website. That’s probably due to the time it takes to research how to add this to a site or they just don’t know where to look for a quality resource.…

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Effective Church Web Design

Jul 17, 2013

There are a lot of people who can do attractive web design these days, but it takes more than a nice looking website to do what you want it to. What are your goals for your church’s website? Most likely, you want to attract new visitors to your church, and you want a place for…

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Church Blogs – What Do I Write About?

Jul 10, 2013
man at laptop thinking

Does your church website include a blog? As a pastor or leader, you may argue that you don’t have enough time as it is to do everything you need to, let alone keep up a blog. But blogs are a great opportunity to share your thoughts with your congregation as well as with visitors to…

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Is Your Church Hiding?

Jun 26, 2013
man hiding

That’s a question most churches want to answer “NO” to, but unfortunately, some of those same churches don’t come up in the search results when someone is looking online for a church to visit.  So, yes they may be “hiding.” Have you ever heard the expression “the best kept secret in ___?”  (fill in the…

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Well Designed Websites for Churches

Jun 19, 2013
confused man

What makes a well designed website? Well, first, I’ll tell you what doesn’t work. I was just online looking for blender reviews. Our blender gave up this week, and it’s something we use everyday for smoothies and other things. So, we need another one soon! We want to get a good one – yes, price…

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