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Is Church SEO Necessary?

Sep 7, 2016
church seo

Do you need to be concerned with church SEO (search engine optimization?)  Do churches need to get their site ranked? Only if you want to be found by those searching online for churches:-) In other words, yes! Read on… What is Church SEO? SEO is the process of getting your website ranked in the search…

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Our Site Redesign

Aug 23, 2016
church website design

We very recently redesigned our website. We find that we can get busy designing church websites and kind of neglect our own. So, we had a little time and thought we’d give ours a makeover. Updated Pages and Pricing Options We have redone all of our pages and given them a new updated look. We…

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Displaying Online Sermons

Aug 4, 2016
pastor preaching sermon

Before we get into the different ways of displaying online sermons, let’s first talk about the “why” of putting your sermons online. Why Display Sermons on Your Website? Get Your Message Out Think about it. You probably work really hard on preparing a sermon to preach every Sunday, so you don’t want to preach it…

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Updating a Website is a Must

Jul 28, 2016
updating website

Updating a website is very important, and even more so if you are a church. When people visit your website, do they see event information from last year and nothing recent? How about the sermons – do you upload new sermons every week, or has it been months since a new one has been posted?…

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Church Blog – Things to Think About Before Starting One

Jul 18, 2016
church blog

You may be considering having a church blog on your website, or maybe you already do. How do you know if a blog is for you or not? Here’s some things to consider. To Blog or Not to Blog? Church Blogs Take Time If you have a blog on your church website, you want to…

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Web Design Colors

Jul 12, 2016
color palette

Let’s talk today about selecting web design colors for your new website. We have worked with churches who tell us to just choose some colors for them. On the one hand, it’s nice because we can put colors together as we like! On the other hand, there’s no starting point, and we really aren’t sure…

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Our Latest Design

Jun 30, 2016

We created a new design, which you can take at. Visit this sample site. We like this design because of the clean, uncluttered, modern look it offers. The large slider area at the top is striking, however, it’s important to have high quality photos there. This is the ideal place to  showcase your church building,…

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Church Website: Trendy or Functional ?

Jun 14, 2016
trendy vs. functional website

The answer, as you have probably guessed, is that it can be both if done if done correctly. Let’s talk about how that can be done. Being in the church web design industry, we look at a LOT of church websites, and have noticed something that is a bit concerning. Sometimes, people opt for the…

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Unique Website Designs -3 Ways to Stand Out

May 31, 2016
stand out

There are a sea of church websites online today. And many times, they start taking on much of the same look. While we work at making each one of the sites we create look unique, there are common features to churches that you have to include to make the website an effective one. So, how…

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Church Social Media Help

May 25, 2016
social media

Is your church wanting to create some great social media posts? While social media has opened up the possibility of reaching a larger audience on a moment’s notice, it has also presented a challenge. Now, churches have the added responsibility of posting on facebook and other social media platforms, which means coming up with some…

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