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SSL Certificate: 3 Reasons Your Church Website Needs One

Apr 14, 2017
SSL Certificate - Secure Web Connection

You probably haven’t thought much about an SSL certificate and may not know what one does.  It is important, however, as a website owner, that you start to think about whether you need to add one to your church website and the following article will explain why.  The internet is changing almost by the day.…

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Church Website Welcome Message Example

Mar 7, 2017

Looking for a church website welcome message example? We plan to give you a few of those, but first, we’d like to discuss the importance of having a welcome message on your church website. Why a Church Website Welcome Message? Is it Needed? You might be thinking that a welcome message is not all that…

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Church Marketing Ideas and Thoughts

Jan 20, 2017
church marketing ideas

Let’s discuss some church marketing ideas and thoughts on it in general. First of all,  I hope the term“church marketing” doesn’t offend you.  Maybe you prefer the term “how to grow church attendance.” When you think of it, don’t the two terms mean the same thing? Yet, you may be more comfortable with the second…

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Small Church Websites and Their Potential

Jan 16, 2017
small church websites - picture of people in church lobby

Does the church website play a role in a church’s numerical growth?  Are small church websites any different than large church websites in this regard?  The answers to these questions need to be understood and considered when your church is deciding to update the current church website or having one built for the first time.…

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12 Days to a Great Church Website

Dec 14, 2016

In keeping with the Christmas season, I thought I’d write a post entitled “12 Days to a GREAT Church Website.” I like to incorporate a little fun in my posts if possible. Let’s get started. Day 1:  A Professional Look We talk to a lot of churches that tell us that they have someone in…

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Church Website Examples

Nov 15, 2016

We have designed some church website examples for you to take a look at. The purpose of these is to, not only show you some of our work, but to give you some inspiration for your own website. We can certainly design a site that is very similar to any of the examples we have,…

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Ministries Page

Nov 4, 2016
meeting of support group

Every church website should have a ministries page. This lets visitors know what you can offer them. Most people that come to a church are looking for something – to grow in their relationship with God, help with their marriage, parenting support, etc. It’s best to present all of your ministries in one place on…

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Building a Great Leadership Page

Oct 28, 2016
church leadership page

From our experience of looking at site statistics, the leadership page is one of the most visited pages on a church website. This is understandable because the leadership sets the vision and tone for the church. Before someone thinks about coming to visit, they will want to know something about the leaders of that particular…

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About Page – What Should Be Included

Oct 12, 2016
church about us page

It’s important to have a church about us page on  your website. Why? Because people want to know more about you and that is probably the first place they will look. When I go to a website, I very often look at the about page to get a sense of who owns the website. It…

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We Have Added Non-Profit Website Design

Oct 5, 2016
non-profit websites

In addition to church website design, we have just added several non-profit websites to our designs. We have designed some specific types of non-profit websites, such as: Christian organizations Homeschool organizations Food cupboards Special needs (autism, aspergers’ syndrome, down syndrome, etc.) Senior/elder care We have chosen the above types of non-profit organizations because we have…

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