Using Photos on Your Church Website

Using Photos on a Church Website

Everyone loves looking at photos! Whether it’s on your website or facebook page, photos bring in a lot of attention. What does this mean to a church website? Here’s some important things to remember when using photos on your website.

High Quality Photos is Key

Nothing can bring down a site like blurry or low quality photos. It does not represent your church well. Our advice is to not even use them if you don’t have high quality photos. Most newer cameras give the ability to take great pictures. Invest in one if you don’t have one already. It’ll be worth it.

Including pictures of your services, events and congregation can be a great way for a prospective visitor to get an idea of what goes on at your church. Make it a good impression with good quality pictures.

Make It Personal

People who are considering visiting your church want to see the people that attend there and the kind of events you hold. Stock images should not be your first choice. Yes, it’s wise to choose a stock image over a low quality picture of your own, but the ideal is showing good quality pictures of real people and real events. That will help others get a more personal look at your church and help them decide if they would fit in there or not.

Always get permission when using pictures of real people!

Keep Them Fresh

Take inventory of the photos on your website. Are they of people who mainly don’t attend there any longer, or of an event that was years ago? People want to know your church is alive and active, and old stale pictures will not give that impression.

Keep your photos as well as your content up to date. There’s not much point in having a website if nothing ever gets changed on it. Enlist the help of some of the staff or congregation to update the website. You may want to assign certain pages to different people so that they can do a good job keeping them up.

When it comes to using photos on your website, remember the key elements:

Good Quality…REAL people and events…Keep them Fresh

And have fun doing it!


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