Maintaining a Website – Who’s in Charge?


Today, we all know it’s pretty essential to have a website. But it’s also essential that a website is maintained. If someone arrives at your site and sees old information, outdated events, and old pictures, do you think it’s likely that they will visit your church?

People expect to see current information and pictures when they come to a church’s website. They want to know what’s going on NOW – this week, this month, etc. Unfortunately, that’s not always reflected on the site. Many websites are left unattended and they get old and stale.

Who’s in Charge?

You have to have someone in charge of running your website. It might be a staff member who has some knowledge in websites (or who at least is willing to learn and follow through with it.) Or you can hire a web design firm to handle it for you. But it is essential it’s kept up-to-date and fresh.

There are many churches who have someone in the congregation who is computer savvy and says they will update the site. That’s fine if they really do it, but we have found that doesn’t always work out that well. People get busy, they leave the church, get new jobs and are short on time and what happens to the website? It sits and collects dust. Sometimes the site has gone down and no one even realizes it. Definitely not a good impression on first time visitors!

Maintaining a Website

You need someone who will make the commitment to maintain your church’s website. If you need to hire someone to do it, it’s money well spent. There’s no point in having a beautiful website built if it’s not going to be kept up.

Think about how you would feel if you went to a store (or their website) and found they had not updated their line of clothing for quite some time. Things look the same as they did last season. They never issue new coupons and the old ones have all expired. Would you continue to go back?

When you ensure that your site will get the attention it needs, you are investing in the future of your church. Online is now where many people choose a church to go to, and that is only bound to increase as time goes on.


By Laurie Neumann



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