Ways to Use Church Forms

Putting church forms on your website can be a great way to simplify things for your office staff.  They are easy to use and can greatly cut down on paperwork.  Here are some of the  more common uses of forms.

  • Registration for events.  This is a big one.  People can register online for an upcoming event and if there is a cost involved, they can also pay online.  Sounds easy, right? The form builder we use when we build your church a website makes event registration and payment happen at the click of a mouse – easy!
  • Contact form – this is something most churches include on their site.  It allows a visitor to contact the church to ask a question or make a comment. You should also have an email and phone number on your website for contact purposes, but a form is usually used today also. This is a form we will make for you and it will come with your website!
  • Room scheduling.  Another way a church might use a form is to schedule the use of particular rooms. In the event of a wedding, retirement party or other special event, some may want to reserve the use of a certain room in the church. Having a form to fill out and submit is an easy automatic way to do this.
  • Volunteer opportunities. If you are in need of help on a particular project, either in the church or outside the church, you can make it known and have people sign up to help via a form. This will let you know how much help you’re going to have and if you need to reach out further to your congregation.
  • Vehicle registration. Does your church have a van they use for outings? You can offer the ability to reserve the van by creating a form and having people sign up for use of it.

Forms should make your life easier, and our form builder will let you customize forms to your liking and needs.


By Laurie Neumann

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